Membership, Share Software

Membership software for Nidhi Company

  • User definable Share Class Type and its attributes.
  • Membership Application processing.
  • Automated Member Number generation.
  • All Member related transactions can be carried out from a single user interface (screen).
  • Official/ Residential / Mailing addresses of a member can be updated and the address history is maintained.
  • Superior Officer’s details as well as Asset details of a member can be maintained.
  • Member’s Photo and Signature can be stored within the database (system).
  • Membership status displayed as alerts.
  • Member transaction history shown in a tabular format with the last three transactions immediately visible.
  • Employee productivity improvement features in the transaction user interface (screen) like automatic Share Value calculation based on Face value when share numbers are entered or vice versa, Dividend Amount to be paid calculated by the system based on the To date given.
  • Membership search (with Bit search) for the given address criteria.
  • Member Registers (Admitted, Disqualified, Expired).
  • Member Liability statement as on a date.
  • Membership Annual Statement, Summarized or Detailed Membership As On statement.
  • Determination of Recommended Dividend percentage.
  • Dividend calculation based on dividend percentage declared.
  • Dividend Registers for a financial year, Paid during a period/date, Payable during a period/date.