Business Analytics software

Business intelligence and Analytics software for Urban Co-operative banks, Service Co-operative banks, Credit Unions

In the past few years, iCrats introduced BI and Analytics in the Co-operative banks segment have led to significant technological innovations enabling data-driven capabilities to increase growth and profitability, to lower costs and improve efficiencies, to drive digital transformation, and support risk and regulatorycompliance priorities. 

a. Interactive dashboards

  • User definable templates.
  • User definable items of comparison.
  • Infinite combination of items to perform comparison.
  • Consolidated bank (Head Office) as well as Branch wise performance over a period.
  • Enables efficient monitoring and decision making by board of directors.

b. Analytic charts

  • Enables efficient monitoring and timely decision making by board of directors.
  • Consolidated bank (Head Office) as well as Branch wise position as on the date.

c. Risk Analysis

  • Template based RBI statements.
  • User definable head details
  • Provision for retrieving previous RBI filings.

d. Balance Sheet Template

  • Dynamic anytime RBI & Departmental balance Sheet with reserves, payables & receivables.
  • Dynamic anytime Balance Sheet from user defined templates.
  • Provision for retrieving previous Balance Sheets/template.
  • Branchwise ad Consolidated R&D, General Ledger, Balance Sheet