Mobility Solutions

  • Xamarin Cross-Platforms
  • Windows Mobile Apps
  • iPhone/iPad Application
  • Android Application
  • Mobile Website
  • React Native
  • Cordova

Xamarin Cross-platform mobile app development

We help build enterprise mobile applications integrated with the existing business ERPs, IoT and Analytical solutions. User expereince and engagement can be achieved only through native mobile apps such as customer satisfaction, employee productivity, maximum asset utilization, and real-time analytics & decision making. However, developing and maintaining applications for each platform will be expensive and time-consuming besides users have a plethora of options when it comes to the devices.

Xamarin is an enterprise Cross-platform mobile app development for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows devices. We leverage Xamarin to design, create, deploy & integrate native mobile apps on a single, shared code base.

  • Xamarin Native Mobile Apps - To create truly native mobile apps Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android
  • Xamarin Test Cloud - To test consistency and robustness of these apps using
  • Xamarin Forms
  • Azure Mobile Services and Go-Live - Faster App-development, consolidates your Active directory, single sign-on, integration with databases, Push notifications, Social media integration, Offline-Sync features

Windows Mobile Applications

Windows Operating System has acquired its reputation because of its user warm and user friendly interface. With the launch of Windows 8, phone, desktop, tablet, and TV can all give you a unified Web and entertainment experience. Users can browse the Internet, use e-mail, keep track of schedules and contacts, and manage business documents using Microsoft online apps. Windows Phone also allows you to utilize the power of hundreds of third-party applications to increase efficiency and boost productivity.

iCrats have experienced designers and techies in Windows Phone and Windows 8 platform working on the metro UI. We have helped many of our new and past customers to migrate their apps to the new and exciting Metro UI. We develop quality Windows Phone 8 Applications that are creative, responsive, competitive and at the same time robust and reliable.

Our team of Windows Phone app developers are experienced in delivering XAML-based apps using the Silverlight framework as well as interactive, entertainment applications based on the XNA framework.

Our technical strength on Windows Phone 8 Programming includes proficiency in:

  • Windows 8 Metro UX ( WinRT API) technology
  • XAML /C# or DirectX/C++ native code development for apps and games
  • HTML5/CSS3 programming
  • Strong experience in .Net Framework
  • Our developers are familiar with the intricacies of the new Metro Style design and can develop Windows 8 Metro apps which can be deployed on both x86/64 and ARM devices. We have the nimbleness and the depth to deal with both small and large projects and can provide desktop, mobile and tablet versions of the apps.

Our experience with Handheld devices and related technologies go a back a long way. We have kept pace with the rapid evolution and have executed numerous projects on Windows Mobile Operating system on devices ranging from PocketPCs to Smartphones. Our expertise goes from mobile apps development from Windows CE operating system to Windows Mobile 5.0 to Windows Phone 7.0 and now to Windows Phone 8. Besides, we are a Microsoft Gold Partner and have certified developers with strong experience and familiarity in Microsoft technologies.

iPhone & iPad Applications

We believe our expertise in iOS can make your iPhone / iPad more interactive and attractive. We also offer customized services as you can Hire iPhone Application Developer/Programmer and get fun & quality experience with iPhone Games/Mac Games Development.

iPhone applications are the functional display of creativity and technology and our brilliant iPhone professionals (mobile application designers & developers) materializes your specific ideas on your iPhone sets. We have developed the exclusive combination of young and experienced professionals, which are proficient enough to understand the modern demands, concerning your applications with no trouble and our experience will bring quality in your iPhone applications according to your imagination.

Our Talented and competent design team comprising of designers, illustrators, idea developers, game designers, animators, special effects artist mixed with a strong and talented game programming team, we are making our presence felt in the gaming and design arena

Android Applications

Android is an operating system for mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablet computers and netbooks. Android is developed by Google. It is a unique system which allows developers to write code on Java based language that can use Google-developed Java libraries.

Our Android Custom Application Development provides infinite opportunities & possibilities as they increase the functionality of smart phones as well as enhance your personal productivity. We provide wide range of Android development services like design & implementation of utility applications, web-based applications which can be used in mobile devices, Multimedia mobile solutions, Java mobile applications, mobile business software and many more.

Popular Android Application categories:

  • Security Applications
  • Multimedia Application
  • Travel Application
  • Office/Business Application
  • Utility Application
  • Fun Application
  • Communication Application
  • Internet Application

Mobile Website

We offer Mobile Website Development services to design websites which can run easily on your mobiles and tablets. Intelligence of identifying various mobile browsers and development of such content which can support most of the mobile browsers is critical in Mobile Website Development. Our experienced & talented professionals perform analysis of existing website and evaluate most vital content for mobile browser compatibility.

Mobile Website Development for our Global Clients

  • We do technical examination of browser compatibility for the smooth running of website on most of the handsets available in the market.
  • For providing high quality browsing experience such as less typing, minimum scrolling, matching color schemes for the mobile user, we use to design technically sound & high quality mobile website architecture.
  • For maintaining internet speed on mobile set we optimize website for swift downloading by using suitable graphics and other deciding factors of internet speed on mobile phone.
  • We make SEO friendly designs for the Mobile website and high level mobile website promotion.
  • We provide customized mobile website development such as we provide online marketing plans for our clients.